Burt Keirstead is a singer/songwriter who lives in St Augustine, Florida. He has been playing guitar and writing songs for more than 40 years.  He recently settled in Florida after raising a family in the Northeast where he had a career as an executive in the aerospace industry.  He is an accomplished performer, who has entertained throughout southern New Hampshire in public venues and at private functions, and who has written and performed original compositions for business events, political campaigns, and charities.  He is looking for some new audiences now that he calls St Augustine his home with his wife, Cheri.

In browsing this site, you'll find a wide range of Americana music, forged by a blend of folk, country, and rock influences.

Last year, Burt released a children's album, "Sunshine and Seashells" which you can download from iTunes or Amazon.

Burt has also collaborated with Nick Louis and Jamie Perrine in a trio,  Kennedy Lane Project (KLP).  You can download the KLP album "Integrity is the Best Mistake" from iTunes and Amazon.

By KLP, you can also download “Shadows” from iTunes and Amazon. Three of the songs in this collection were recorded with eight-time Grammy Award winning producer/engineer, Kevin Killen.

Nick and Burt are particularly adept at writing and recording custom songs, which they have done for many years for friends and colleagues.  If you have a special someone, or occasion, or are just inspired to  create something, they can be your medium for expression and, in a short time, can produce a professional custom recording.  Here's an example of a custom song we just did for an old friend who was hankering to write a country-like tune. 

Give us a shout if you want to book some music or commission a personal composition! 

Enjoy both the original and cover tunes on this site.